Interior Solutions design and supply fabric lining systems.

The fabric lining system is designed to transform in as short a time as possible, an often cavernous and characterless space (sports, drill and village halls etc) into one in which parties, dinners and weddings can take place. The conversion back to sporting or other uses is equally swift.

Most sports halls already have good event facilities such as parking, heat, light and a bar, all that's required to use what is often the biggest space in the area is a graceful lining system.

Interior Solutions supply lining systems to leisure and sporting facilities as well as other public buildings such as schools and village halls, drill halls, exhibition spaces and barns.

The lining its self is a light weight inherently fire retardant fabric. The retardancy is not reduced by time or washing.

Once the system is installed all day to day fitting and de rigging is carried out at low level with only a small number of people required to carry out this simple transformation of your facility. The linings can usually be stored away in stuff bags in a couple of cubic meters.

This system can open a whole new revenue stream and a very beneficial increase in the number of visitors to your facility.


We can also supply additional value added items and services such as.

  • Light weight stacking carpet
  • Coloured pelmet hire and purchase
  • Up lighters white and tinted light
  • Chandeliers
  • Stackable storage boxes
  • Staff training and re-training
  • Safety inspections

  • One off installations

    In some situations it is possible to install drapes and linings for a one off event. The before and after images are one or two days apart not a few hours as we would expect if you installed a system.

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